"From his hospital bed, 15-year-old Billy Zeets recounts his part in the mysterious disappearances of teenage boys from his small town. 'I ain't no hero, and I aim to prove it,' he declares in his haunting, first-person dialect... Flawed but observant and courageous, Billy and his taut storytelling will engage readers of all stripes."

Kirkus Reviews

​ "I couldn’t put Ask the Dark down. Intense, scary, compelling—and told in a unique voice—the story will keep you up all night, and its flawed, real hero will haunt your day. I wish I’d written it."

Michael Grant New York Times Bestselling author of Gone and BZRK

"Talk about the heart of darkness! Move over, Joseph Conrad. An amazing exercise in suspense, Ask the Dark is absolutely remarkable. I couldn’t put it down and loved Billy’s resonant and wonderfully idiosyncratic voice. Readers will be lining up for this one."

Michael Cart past president of YALSA and ALAN ​

“I read this book in one sitting. Pitting a no-chance kid against a killer, Ask the Dark is a hold-your-breath page-turner with sharp writing, a street-smart hero, and a plot that never lets up. Good stuff!”

Charles Benoit author of You

“Ask the Dark is like no YA novel I have ever read before. I love Billy’s singular voice, his eye for justice, his ability to observe all that is going on around him, and I love his heart. We all know kids like him, the ones everyone discounts, believing they will never do anything with their lives. But these kids can surprise us with their courage and hidden smarts. They can be unexpected heroes to our communities, to their own families, and most of all, to themselves.”

Becky Anderson Anderson's Bookshops

"Who could be a more convincing and compelling detective than a rough and roughly-used boy who can't afford illusions? Ask the Dark takes hold of the reader with remarkable vigor. Its narrative extends into the reader's inner landscape and stirs up a nest of sleeping assumptions. How narrow is the distance between what we regard as moral and its behavioral opposites? If character is revealed only under pressure, is safety a dangerous luxury? Ask the dark."

Kenny Brechner DDG Booksellers

“Gritty, raw, and ultimately redeeming, Henry Turner’s Ask the Dark is a timeless small-town murder mystery with unexpected heart. In a word, BRILLIANT.”

Kimberly Derting author of the Body Finder series

“A gripping page-turner. Being in Billy’s head reminds readers to keep a measure of compassion when dealing with difficult kids. He is indeed a character who represents both the giving and receiving side of teen conflicts. Highly recommended – this will be one of my Spring 2015 Preview titles.”

Valerie Lewis Hicklebee's

“An incredible read. I love the voice and the mystery, but most of all, I love the dynamics of Billy’s family. I can’t wait to share Ask the Dark with others!"

Teri Lesesne past president, NCTE's Assembly on Literature for Adolescents